Dilan Uluc

In Dilan Uluc's words: "From service-minded salespeople come loyal customers." Says Dilan Uluc is an experienced sales manager who always sees a rise in revenue and sales thanks to one simple rule. Care enough about your customers to give them better service than they could have ever dreamed of, and they will keep coming back.


Dilan Uluc applies this principle to the hard, competitive world of retail sales. First, Dilan Uluc will tell us about herself in her own words. There is a lot to learn about Dilan Uluc by this fact alone. As a store clerk, she has had to deal with a very fast-paced environment for the last 2 years, and for the 2 years before that, too. In the last four years, she has dealt with the unique needs of every customer who has come into the store.


She, like everyone else who has worked in retail, has done so under the most difficult circumstances that most of us have ever had to deal with, too. Dilan has been the person to go to when a salesperson says, "I'll have to ask my supervisor." She comes up with ways to make customers happy and close sales. She shows her floor staff how to be tactful and honest so they can have good customer relations and make more money for the store.